The newest addition to the Australian interior design world is Patchy Rugs. Patchy Rugs is an online store curated by Melbourne designer Lauren Seeman who has handpicked vintage kilims from Turkey.

Each rug is unique, a mixture of old and new; soft and bright and certainly will create a real ‘pop’ in any room.

The debut collection includes two unique styles; patchwork and overdyed. All the kilims are traditional pieces that are 40-50 years old.

The rugs are of the highest quality made from 50% cotton and 50% wool.

The overdyed rugs are available in earthy tones as well as vibrant colours and are the perfect mix of vintage and contemporary.

The patchwork rugs have been made by sewing patches from different rugs together to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The contrast of each patch creates a one of a kind rug with varied tones.

Each of the patchwork rugs have a neat cotton backing.

Patchy Rugs is the brain child of Melbourne graphic designer and blogger, Lauren Seeman.

Her keen eye spotted these eclectic rugs whilst travelling in Turkey.

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Rugs are priced from $2700 to $3100 including free shipping within Australia.

Inspection is by appointment. For further information contact Lauren Seeman on 0402 963 552 or