Decoration + Design and Furnitex Trade Fair day one and I’m sweaty palmed with anticipation about all the new goodies I may find.

Typically I’m attracted by the new designs from Lincolnbrooks.

I loved the traditional designs brought up to speed with new treatments and bold colours, others in the earthy rich naturals we love.

The stand featured a mix of both wrought iron and cane furniture.

The chairs and lounger above were so comfortable ... think sipping a gin sling on a hot afternoon with eager barman in attendance.

The company is both designer and wholesaler and supplies to the retailers, decorators/designers.

For more information, here is their website,

If you’re getting the feeling that everything old is new again, you’re on the money.

My aunt had a lounge suite reminiscent of the chair above right, however her seats were covered in a lumpy nylon fabric.

It was a bit like sitting on an exfoliating glove.

The wonderful thing about today’s interpretations is the new treatments, fabrics and superior internal features available which add a whole new look and feel.

Along with a little design twist here and there to keep them very 21st century, I think they are pieces that will stand the test of time.

The designs above are from Bindi, which was established more than 65 years ago by HW Ford and is today still under the direction of family members at their Revesby, NSW plant.

You can see more of their furniture on

Making its debut at the fair was Entertaining Design.

The company is 100% Australian owned and operated and specializes in manufacturing custom designed entertainment pieces such as the ones as above.

Our design folk will love this company as its website allows clients to custom design their own pieces with a range of finishes ... durable polyurethane paint in a myriad of bright, contemporary and vibrant colours, mirror, natural and reconstituted stone, marble, timber (stained or painted), painted glass, crystal gloss laminex and print behind glass.

Go visit their website to have a play around,


Some great new designs from Islander Imports at this fair.

There’s nothing like a bucket style chair for ultimate comfort and the coffee table above makes perfect sense to me.

The husband tends to get very unhappy with the pile of decor magazines that start obscuring his view of the TV after a few months.

Islander Imports is dipping their toe into the French furniture category at this fair with excellent results.

The company sold a container of the new designs on its first day of showing.

For further information, contact Islander or visit the company website, 

I fell deeply in love with the nook above by Zanzibar Furniture.

I could sit happily here with a girl friend and an endless supply of good coffee and just watch the world go by all day.

Director of Zanzibar, Michael Lewis explained that the style is so appealing because it makes us feel secure, protected and enveloped. I couldn’t agree more.

In fact I loved every piece on the Zanzibar stand from the funky retro style chairs and sumptuously upholstered bed heads to the stunning lounge seat below (the two images showing front and back of the piece).

Zanzibar has been in the business for 25 years, designing and manufacturing furniture at its Sydney western suburbs plant.

They’ve supplied over 3 million pieces of furniture and homewares both throughout Australia and internationally, so it’s not surprising they’re media darlings.

Zanzibar pieces have featured in films, magazines and on almost every television channel ... with the likes of Mel and Kochie and Kerry-Anne Kennelly gracing Zanzibar sofas and chairs with their celebrity bottoms.

Visit for more information.